Anchor - Breakfast with the Crusaders

There can't be much that excites children than the chance to meet up with their heroes - and that possibly is the same for adults!

When Anchor wanted to create a connection between their milk, with its high calcium content known to be good for growing bones, and the Crusaders, they asked Luxon to create a promotion that would stay in the memories kids throughout the region.

And by collecting milk bottle caps and taking them to your school all the kids could be involved along with Mums, Dads, siblings, grand parents, Aunts and Uncles... the whole family.

A dedicated e-commerce was built where bottle caps could be loaded up by the schools, totals

collated and inter school comparisons made. The currency traded... milk bottle caps!

Thousands of caps were collected by schools around the region. Ball pack spot prizes were sent to winning schools and the Crusaders got to visit one very lucky, and very enthusiastic school!

The complementary values of Anchor Milk and the Crusaders set the platform for a very special partnership. Luxon was able to craft a promotion and bring it to fruition that enabled every customer touch point to be engaged - a perfect situation.

The collaboration of two great brands.




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