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Voting with your feet

In a world where anyone & everyone create their own online reputation why would you need an experienced professional?


The team at Luxon have years of experience - so what!

Well, you certainly don’t have to look far to find numerous reputations ‘dashed on the rocks’ in the social media landscape to realise you only get one real chance to build a reputation & it can be so easily shipwrecked overnight.

More often than not it’’s as a result of inexperience - makes you think doesn’t it.

So, as your customers flock to the online environment, Luxon hold the skill and mastery of proven marketing principles and the experience of having ‘done it all before’ to give you the confidence to embark on building something worthwhile knowing you’re in good hands.

We see our role in building relationships, loyalty and advocacy amount our clients and their customers and naturally driving ongoing success and profitability.

Online or offline, the focus is the same!

Great ideas are birthed in a creative and imaginative environment.

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Our work

We're storytellers creating memorable narratives for brands in the hearts & minds of your customers - where stories become experiences.

Whether your focus is customer acquisition, managing the customer lifecycle or delivering rockstar customer experiences - we've been there in some shape or form. Browse through this small smattering of work and see what resonates!

Then, lets talk...