EZY Kitchens


EZY Kitchens are a thriving kitchen design and manufacturing client who have franchises throughout the South Island. And as with many busy businesses the brand and collateral had been collected across a number of years, from a number of different sources by a number of different people - so it all felt very disconnected!

Firstly we redesigned the brand, using some existing components to create a modern 'design' driven brand. Somewhere the style conscience public would feel confident to go for sound advice when building or renovating their loved kitchen spaces.

After spending time with the EZY Kitchens team, it seemed obvious to us that a kitchen is a

very individual thing. Few people want the same thing from a kitchen, and aside from the basic functions of a kitchen, the space is central to the working of a home.

So any campaign that didn't acknowledge customers as individuals seemed to us to be missing the point.

The 'We're got a kitchen for Everyone' campaign turns on the understanding that we all have individual needs when they are planning a kitchen, and that it's not about shelves, fridges and cupboards, but about families, gymnasts & romantics - kitchens are for duck shooters, dancers & marching girls.

EZY Kitchens design and build kitchens for people!








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