Rubbing shoulders with the fans.

Relaxing on a hot summer day in Hagley Park

Relaxing on a hot summer day in Hagley Park

There is nothing quite as energizing as spending time alongside the loyal customers that own your brand and make it great. 

The Great Kiwi Beer Festival saw over 10,000 people rub shoulders with their favorite beer brands like Monteith’s.

One hot day in February saw over 10,000 people descend on Hagley Park in Christchurch to celebrate their favorite beer, and the Monteith’s brand experience area played its part handsomely.

Luxon created a true West Coast themed brand experience that showcased Monteith’s in al it’s authentic tradition. Our awesome team served a loyal Monteith’s drinker every ten seconds on average! An amazing and exhausting day surrounded with ten of the countries finest beers from the Monteith’s family.

It doesn’t fail to delight me, when I meet a customer that is as exciting about the brand, if not more excited, than we are. And at this festival we met plenty! Monteith’s sums up all that's good and authentic about New Zealand life... and the punters know it!

The Ultimate Drop

Fly into a Crusade' competition. Awesome experience.

Marketing is about creating experiences for customers, and ideally making those experience not only positive, but memorable. 

When we created 'Fly into a Crusade' for TUI to leverage their Crusaders sponsorship we always knew we would make a decent splash in the marketplace - and that's exactly what happened. 

For one winner, his two mates, and Miss Tui it was the experience of a lifetime.

And for Luxon it was mission successful!