When vintage becomes new

It's a privilege  when a client trusts you to take their brand forward into the next evolution of its life. Especially when that brand is as widely known and respected as FiGlass Boats. With over 50 years in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific, this proud heritage is not something to be taken lightly.

I've noticed during my time in marketing that its an easy answer to 'refresh' every aspect of a vintage brand, essentially making it new and starting from scratch. Is this just the designer ego wanting to stamp their mark across everything to make it shinny and new. Some architects do the same, preferring to knock over a family home and erecting all new - surely there is a greater skill at work when marrying an existing structure with the new; capturing the best of the vintage with the benefits of the new?

When we approached the FiGlass Boats brand we were very careful to connect the past with the present and ready the brand for the future. The new look is more an evolution than a redesign, with hints of retro.. in a modern setting.

As each model design has been refreshed we have updated the collateral around it. Advertising in magazine and TV have been utilised to represent it back to the market, 'as good as new'!

Celebrities have been supporting FiGlass Boats and so it seemed a logical fit to hear what they say about their favoured model. Wyatt Crockett and his family love their Lightning and featured in a series of magazine advertisements.

More recently Simon Barnett has featured in the new FiGlass television commercials raving about FiGlass - his choice for every boat he's owned over the years.

With skilful design and thoughtful direction, vintage brands like FiGlass can continue to position themselves for todays migrant marketplace and set their sights confidentially on a bright future ahead.