The beginning of the end

Hope Funerals Christchurch

Hope Funerals Christchurch

Some industry sectors seem too remained untouched by the passing of time and modern life, until one day someone comes from outside and brings a fresh new approach.

Sometimes this is loud and dramatic but other times it begins a quiet persuasive wave of renewal that sets a new standard, greater expectations and a brighter way forward.

Hope Funerals Christchurch are such a breeze of positive change..

Rather than set up as a traditional company, they are a social enterprise with an overarching aim to give back to their community. What better time to do this, than in a time of grieving.

Additionally their eagerness and willing embrace of new thinking about the passing of a loved one, or around the celebration of the life of a loved one, where and what a funeral service might look like for each Wharau. All valuable and worthwhile questions to ask in an area that seems to be traditionally taboo.

Although grief itself is universal, each individual life is unique and should be celebrated in creative, touching and honouring ways.

It’s our privilege to partner with Hope Funerals Christchurch as they bring a fresh, bold and modern approach to the way New Zealand grieves.

The next time you’re touched by the passing of a loved one, consider reaching beyond the traditional, ordinary and expensive funeral directors by giving Hope Funerals Christchurch a call.

You’ll be better for it.